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Today’s business world requires infallible information about customers, the processes in place to serve those customers and the cause & effect of those processes. And most importantly, how these customer interactions affect your Brand. Automotive Insights clients have individual expectations about the performance of personnel during customer contacts, whether virtually or in person, and their ability to deliver a unique Branded Customer Experience. Therefore, it is important to tailor the performance evaluation in the mystery shopping research program accordingly. Evaluate, analyze, engage and energize the behaviors that best exemplify compliance to the brand - conformity to customers’ needs while capitalizing on opportunity.

Automotive Insights works with their clients to develop a performance evaluation platform that: 

  • Measures conformance to OEM standards in Sales, Service, Parts, F&I and Collision Repair
  • Incorporates industry best practice techniques and methods
  • Supports the business’ intended Branded Customer Experience
  • Weights the importance of different customer service attributes
  • Can detect fraudulent practices

Facility and Personnel Assessments

Branded Customer Experience

Manufacturer Supplier Standards Audits

CSI Reports

Dealer Technical Faults

Customer Experience Weekly Summary

Impressions left with your customers are driven by their experience with personnel and their perception of your brand. This perception is never more telling than in your social media, your advertising and your physical facilities. Automotive Insights conducts the most detailed Facility Assessments available today. Our array of process measurements, checklists, facility photos and data collection are communicated with ease across various platforms brings conformity to brand compliance. 

Automotive Insights will work with companies to develop facility evaluations that:

  • Synchronize Brand Standards with Facility Standards
  • Provide comprehensible platform for communication of these results to all stakeholders 

Analytics & Delivery

Uncovering the data through professional mystery shop and facility assessments is the first part of the CX equation. 

Creating a platform for delivery of results that energizes change at the retail level is equally as necessary for the success of any Mystery Shop/Assessment program. Whether using video, an array of photos or analysis of KPIs, Automotive Insights excels in providing reports, analysis of process and compliance to brand standards in a way that’s both moving and actionable -- and easily transferred to a multitude of audiences. We deliver results through:

  • Video coaching both remote and in-person
  • Video and non-video reports
  • Analysis of all key areas of the process
  • Breakdown from national to singular levels
  • Indisputable confirmation for facility assessments conformity
  • Fraud Detection

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