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Increasing brand loyalty and value through data driven customer discovery.

Automotive Insights, LLC is a global provider of operational consulting and mystery shopping teams that enable vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers to the automotive industry the ability to develop, measure, and deliver their brand promise to their customers. With over 50 years of industry experience, the principals at Automotive Insights, LLC deliver results to clients through teams of brand aligned consultants that live and breathe your brand. We deliver value for you through:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Sales, Aftersales, Parts
  • Manufacturer/Supplier Standards Audits
  • CSI Improvement teams
  • Fixed Operations Profitability Consulting

Automotive Insights, LLC is the preferred provider to many of the best known automotive companies in the world. Our ability to integrate customer research, business intelligence, and observational analysis means additional profit and value to our clients.

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